Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome: A Case Report

Soares A, Brandão P, da Silva Oliveira PM
Gynecol Obstet. Apr. 2021 doi: Not available


The Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome or perihepatitis is a rare chronic manifestation of pelvic inflammatory disease. It is an inflammation of the liver capsule and peritoneal surfaces of the anterior right upper quadrant with adhesion formation accompanied by right upper quadrant pain. We report a case resistant to the antibiotic therapy instituted and managed with the laparoscopic surgical approach and photographic documentation of the “violin string-like adhesions” between the anterosuperior hepatic surface and the abdominal wall. The Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome is the rarest complication of pelvic inflammatory disease. Despite the extensive description of these adhesions in the literature, their photographic documentation is scarce. The authors present here a case with photographic documentation of the “violin string-like adhesions”, furthering medical literature.