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Dr. Nuria López is the latest example of how IVI promotes young talent

  • The biologist presented her doctoral thesis on July 21st. A thesis which resulted in the publication of two original manuscripts in leading journals in the field and invitations to present her results in various international congresses.
  • After obtained her Master’s degree at IVI and spending over three years at the IVI Foundation, Dr. Nuria López, who was awarded a scholarship by the Generalitat Valenciana, defended her international doctoral thesis.
  • Her work is based on the study of stem cells in the endometrium, which was well received by the jury, and it is their suggestion that the study be given the distinction of “cum laude


Dr. Nuria López is the latest shining example of the dedication and care with which IVI encourages young talent. This Andalusian biologist, who presented her doctoral thesis at the end of July (entitled “Identification of Specific Somatic Stem Cell Markers in the Human Endometrium and Mechanisms of the Bone Marrow for Endometrial Regeneration”), has trained within IVI obtaining her Master’s degree in Assisted Human Reproduction. Her multi-disciplinary international training enabled her to develop her doctoral work between the laboratories of the IVI Foundation, the Veterinary Clinic of the Medical Faculty of Valencia University, and the departments of the Münster University Hospital (Germany).

Dr. Irene Cervelló, of the IVI Foundation and Dr. José Bellver of IVI Valencia, have been overseeing her progress over the past three years.  A period that allowed Dr. López to validate her work where she demonstrated the existence of stem cells in the endometrium and investigated the possible involvement of the bone marrow in the regeneration of this tissue.  Her work has allowed her to publish several original and review articles in leading journals in the area of reproduction, as well as presenting the results of her research in key international conferences as oral presentations and posters (SRI 2017 and 2018).

According to Dr. Nuria López; “one may have an idea about the scientific commitment and resources at IVI and its Foundation.  However, until one gets to work alongside the brilliant group investigators and trainees, it is hard to fully appreciate the magnitude of this organization.  It has been fascinating for me to be able to develop my doctoral thesis within the IVI Foundation. I have worked with a tremendously bright, professional and kind group of researchers.  Thanks to this work, I have been given the chance to realize a project that is quite relevant and I have learnt a great deal. “

On July 24th, Dr. Nuria López presented her doctoral thesis in Valencia, before a jury composed of doctors including Juan Antonio García-Velasco, Xavier Santamaría and Carmen Escobedo-Lucea, who not only have given her thesis their approval but also, due to its specific merits, have suggested that it be given the distinction of “cum laude”.



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