The use of morphokinetic as a predictor of implantation

Tejera, A, Aparicio-Ruiz, B, Meseguer, M,
Minerva Ginecol. Dec. 2017 doi: 10.23736/S0026-4784.17.04098-9


In recent years the increased efforts intended for improving future outcomes in the laboratory have focused mostly on the search of additional markers of embryo quality to add up present embryo selection criteria. Time-lapse system involves an alternative tool in assisted reproduction techniques, being able to improve the embryo selection from a dynamic and interactive approach while standard embryo assessment implies a subjective and static morphology evaluation and consequently reducing the information gained for embryo selection, time-lapse technology adds several morphokinetic parameters, providing additional input for embryo evaluation. This further information represents a challenge for a potential improvement in implantation rates and reproductive outcomes. This article focuses on the different time-lapse systems burgeoning on the market and the use of morphokinetics as a predictor of embryo implantation.