Pregnancy outcome in women with endometriomas achieving pregnancy through IVF

Benaglia, L, Bermejo, A, Somigliana, E, Scarduelli, C, Ragni, G, Fedele, L, Garcia-Velasco, J A,
Hum Reprod. Jun. 2012 doi: 10.1093/humrep/des054


BACKGROUND: There is a growing consensus that ovarian endometriomas should not be systematically removed in women selected for IVF. However, some recent evidence suggested that the presence of these cysts may negatively affect the course of pregnancy. METHODS: We set up a multicenter retrospective cohort study, including two infertility units. We analyzed data from patients achieving singleton clinical pregnancies through IVF comparing the pregnancy outcome between 78 pregnant women with endometriomas at the time of IVF and 156 patients who achieved pregnancy through IVF without endometriomas. RESULTS: The number of live births in women with and without endometriomas were 61 (78%) and 130 (83%), respectively (P = 0.39). The adjusted odds ratio (OR) of live birth in affected cases was 0.79 [95% confidence interval (CI): 0.38-1.68]. No differences were observed in late pregnancy and neonatal outcomes between the two groups. In particular, the rate of preterm birth and small-for-gestational age (SGA) was similar. The adjusted ORs were 0.47 (95% CI: 0.14-1.54) and 0.56 (95% CI: 0.12-2.56), respectively. CONCLUSIONS: Women with endometriomas achieving pregnancy through IVF do not seem to be exposed to a significant increased risk of obstetrical complications.