The effect of cancer on sperm DNA fragmentation as measured by the sperm chromatin dispersion test

Meseguer, M, Santiso, R, Garrido, N, Fernandez, J L,
Fertil Steril. Jul. 2008 doi: 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2007.06.026


The percentage of spermatozoa with fragmented DNA from cancer patients before surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy treatments was compared with infertile male patients in an assisted reproduction program and with sperm donors of proven fertility. The percentages of DNA fragmentation were 34.3% in cancer patients, 30.9% in infertile men whose partners did not become pregnant, 28.8% in men who partners became pregnant, and 10.8% in fertile sperm donors. The DNA fragmentation of sperm donors was statistically significantly lower compared the other groups. No statistically significant differences were found in the levels of DNA fragmentation when comparing cancer types, including those of testicular origin.