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Basking Ridge Clinical Research Center

Basking Ridge Clinical Research Center is located in a 90,000 square foot modern building where more than 8,000 IVF cycles are performed yearly. To tap into the translational and clinical research potential that arise from such an organization, a Clinical Research Team (CRT) was established in 2013 and is comprised of research nurses and coordinators. The primary functions of the team consist of clinical research operations, quality assurance, data management and medical monitoring. The team is involved in all aspects of a clinical research trial from institutional review board (IRB) submission and approval to study initiation, subject screening and recruitment and overall study compliance. The clinical research team provides interdisciplinary support across the organization by interfacing with the physician, nursing, clinical, finance, andrology and embryology teams, as well as other research personnel, in order to produce a streamlined process that facilitates efficiency in trial completion. The team also provides direct patient care to subjects who participate in research through education, counseling, and obtaining informed consent.

The clinical research team, our investigators, and clinical fellows have been vital components of the approximately 25 prospective clinical studies performed at RMANJ over the years. Many of these clinical studies have directly impacted patient care by increasing the success rates of our patients and have established IVIRMA as a foundation for cutting edge research in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. The clinical research team helps to ensure that clinical practice changes are validated through evidenced based research prior to implementation in the clinical setting. The team provides a comprehensive range of services that assist patients to achieve their family building goals through research.


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Basking Ridge, NJ, USA
140 Allen Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920, EE. UU.
+01 973 656 2815

Investigators in this center

  • Clinical Research Team

Christine Whitehead, BSN, RN, Clinical Research Nurse Administrator joined RMA in April 2012 as an IVF Nurse Coordinator and became manager of the clinical research team in July of 2013. Christine is responsible for the management of clinical trials at RMANJ under the direction of Dr. Scott.

Caroline Zuckerman, BS, Clinical Research Coordinator joined RMANJ in July 2015 as a Clinical Research Coordinator. Caroline is responsible for data management and administrative functions.