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June 16, 2021, starting at 6 p.m. EST

Interpretation of Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) After IVF and PGT-A

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Marie Werner, MD, HCLD/TS (ABB)
IVIRMA New Jersey, USA

Clinically recognizable error rate after the transfer of comprehensive chromosomal screened euploid embryos is low. 

Werner MD, Leondires MP, Schoolcraft WB, Miller BT, Copperman AB, Robins ED, Arredondo F, Hickman TN, Gutmann J, Schillings WJ, Levy B, Taylor D, Treff NR, Scott RT Jr. Fertil Steril. 2014 Dec;102(6):1613-8.

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Amber Klimczak, MD
IVIRMA New Jersey, USA

Interpretation of noninvasive prenatal testing results following in vitro fertilization and preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy.

Klimczak AM, Reig A, Neal SA, Seli E, Scott RT Jr. Am J Obstet Gynecol MFM. 2020 Nov;2(4):100232.

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George Patounakis, MD


Richard T. Scott Jr., MD, HCLD
IVIRMA New Jersey, USA


Dagan Wells, MD, PhD
Juno Genetics and University of Oxford, UK


Emre Seli, MD
IVIRMA New Jersey and Yale University, USA


Andrés Reig, MD,

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Interpretation of Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) After IVF and PGT-A
June 16, 2021, starting 6 p.m. EST

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