IVIRMA is the largest group in the world devoted exclusively to human Assisted Reproduction Technology. Along with the great privilege of providing fertility care to our patients, IVIRMA embraces the great responsibility of advancing the field of human reproduction. IVIRMA Global Research Alliance, as one of the pillars of IVIRMA Global, is a renowned leader in fertility research and science.

IVIRMA is home to some of the world’s brightest investigators and fertility researchers

To redefine the present and shape the future, IVIRMA is home to some of the world’s brightest investigators and fertility researchers, encompassing every aspect of human reproductive science from bench to bedside. IVIRMA’s success rests upon practicing – and developing -, the highest quality, rigorous evidence-based medicine by conducting our own fertility research and collaborating with other leading institutions in the field of reproductive medicine.

Since the formation of IVIRMA Global in 2017, it has become the single biggest investor in IVF research in the world. At IVIRMA, we believe that by attracting the best fertility researchers from all over the world and providing them with the resources to fuel their ideas we can continue to make tremendous progress in reproductive medicine, refine research techniques, and share our knowledge.

Scientific innovation, technological progress, educational commitment, and clinical expertise.

All for one final goal: Excellence in Patient Care.

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