Advances in techniques for freezing gametes (sperm, eggs) and embryos has been a boon for the field of reproductive medicine.

Refined vitrification methods for embryos produce outstanding survival rates and have helped to improve pregnancy rates by allowing clinics to optimize embryo-endometrial synchrony in frozen embryo transfer cycles and to facilitate preimplantation genetic testing. A long standing research program at IVI RMA Global examining the safety of modern egg freezing protocols have also helped push this procedure from the realm of the experimental to every day practice in many clinics.

Furthermore, researchers have performed ovarian tissue cryopreservation proceduress, whereby the ovary is removed from the body prior to gonadotoxic medical therapy, such as chemotherapy, frozen, and then replaced after completion of treatment.

This cutting edge research has produced live born babies and may provide hope for patients who previously had few options after a devastating diagnosis, such as cancer.

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