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UAGI Research Support and Management Unit

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The Research Support and Management Unit was created in June 2013. It consists of a group of specialized experts in methodological advice and support in the management of research projects, providing services, guidance and support to professionals in the design and implementation of the research projects developed at IVI center, at any of its stages, in addition to supervising all activities so that they are carried out with the highest standards of quality and in compliance with current regulations.


  • to provide support by training and guiding the researcher in any doubts that may arise during the planning, design or development of the research project.
  • to establish, disseminate and maintain the protocols and instructions that must be carried out in the execution of the research project.
  • to facilitate collaboration between researchers.
  • to develop and maintain the necessary tools for the basic document management of research projects.
  • to perform periodical internal audits and diagnosis on the research projects.
  • to generate and maintain a centralized register of research projects at IVI, for the use and benefit of all members of the group.

With these objectives, we aim to train, promote and support the lines of research developed, contributing to generating high quality work by researchers and to establishing good research practices.

What can we do for you?

We manage the processes for the development of the research projects at any stage of the studies.

We provide a qualitative balance, from the legal aspects that the project must cover to the design of the experiment.

The statistical technical team has a wide experience in the approach of statistical analysis of studies and will help you to efficiently define the design of experimentation that best suits the proposed objectives.

Our unit also offers the researchers a wide range of training activities with the aim of broadening their knowledge in any area of the study, such as:

  • Good Clinical Practices Course for researchers
  • Clinical Research Process Course and its implementation at IVI
  • Introduction to Statistics Course


Legal counsel in clinical research

  • To study and solve any legal aspect related to the projects

Statistical and methodological consultancy in studies of clinical research

  • Consultancy and preparation of research projects
  • Study design
  • Sample size
  • Variable definition

Clinical research studies data analysis

  • Study analysis and execution
  • Statistical analysis plan
  • Descriptive statistics of data
  • Cost/effectiveness analysis and model adjustments

Scientific results communication

  • Tables and graphs preparation
  • Methods of analysis presentation
  • Results interpretation
  • Statistical review of a presentation or paper
  • Answer to reviewers’ comments


The Bioinformatics Unit, headed by the Genomics and Systems Reproductive Medicine Group from the IVI Foundation, offers complex computational and bioinformatic analysis of bioinformatic and biomolecular data, with special capacity for the analysis of transcriptomic data derived from several platforms.

Bioinformatic Services

  • Multi-omics experiment designs. Study design, design of the different data included and of the sample size necessary to obtain statistical power.
  • Experimental design and microarray analysis (Agilent). Preparation of the RNA sample and hybridization protocols for Whole Human Genome Oligo Microarray (Agilent Technologies, Madrid, Spain) 8x60K that analyses over 60.000 gauges of human DNA.
  • Pre-processing of data originating from microarrays. Reading, pre-processing and standardisation of transcriptomic data obtained through microarrays from the main commercial brands (Agilent, Affymetrix and Illumina).
  • Pre-processing of data from RNA-seq. Pre-processing of sequences (quality and filter), mapping, counting extraction and data standardisation from RNA-seq from Illumina.
  • Genomic data processing. Pre-processing of sequences (quality and filter), mapping and search of variables associated to a biological process. Exploratory and descriptive data analysis. Initial statistical data analysis. Use of clusters and PCA to locate and correct possible batch effects.
  • Multiple comparison analysis of two or more stages. Analysis of the search and identification of genes significantly associated to each one of the experimental conditions, using differential contract techniques between two or more stages with a minimum of two biological replicas for each stage.
  • Temporal series analysis. Analysis of the search and identification of genes significantly associated to a temporal process.
  • Functional analysis. Annotation and biological-functional assignment studies based on improvement and association methods using the main public databases for functional annotations (GO) and gene network (KEGG).
  • Prediction. Experimental design, creation and validation of class prediction models (SVM, KNN). Selection and prioritisation of genes with high predictive power.
  • Integration. Integration of pre-processed transcriptomic data with other omics (ChIP-seq, DNase-Seq, miRNAs, metabolomics, proteomics.
  • Experimental validation support. Gene and function selection to be tested in the laboratory (RT-PCR).
  • Custom analysis. Custom cost estimates and analysis can be prepared for data from non-standard platforms or for omics data different from the transcriptomics. It is also possible to broaden studies on data series that have already been previously analysed for a second opinion or to further the project.
  • Scientific consultancy. Counsel and support to the clinical experts that wish to perform studies using these technologies.

Contact info

Valencia, Spain
Fundación IVI, Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe, Avenida Fernando Abril Martorell, 106 - Biopolo, Torre A, Planta 1ª Despachos 1.01 y 1.03
+34 96 390 33 05

UAGI Staff

  • Davinia Oltra M.Sc., Ph.D., UAGI Manager
  • Héctor Tabernero, Legal Advisor
  • Juan Manuel Mascarós, Statistician, Data Manager and Analysis
  • Pablo Guzman, Statistician, Data Manager and Analysis
  • Inés Sanz, Clinical Trials Monitor
  • Irene Urruchi, Clinical Trials Monitor
  • Alba Mas Pellicer, Research Project Assistant
  • Regina Serra, Administrative Assistant