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For a 2023 full of Innovation and Research

We just started a fresh, new year full of energy and new ideas.  Our team is growing, and our reach is now even larger.  With the merge of the new groups to IVI RMA, we have a truly global presence. And related with research and innovation, this will bring new ideas, different point of views and original innovative ways of solving clinical problems.

I am fascinated with our scientific productivity in 2022.  Last year we had an impressive number of 182 new research projects started, 63 of them prospective studies. New, previously unexplored areas are becoming more appealing in the last years, such as artificial intelligence. For these studies, 42 grants were obtained.  They will contribute to support these large number of new projects.

Our group presented 157 abstracts at international meetings, and 129 were accepted, yielding a really good acceptance rate of 84%. There are many other presentations at national meetings, but we like to benchmark our work in the best international meetings with the highest profile.  At these meetings, we obtained 15 awards (11 at ASRM, 3 at SRI and 1 at ESHRE).  In total, we published 136 papers, with a cumulative impact factor of 688, and an impact factor per paper published of 5.06.

We are a very unique group in the world, doing reproductive medicine in a private setting with such a huge presence in academia and scientific publications.  Being translational research our main goal, this is key to be leaders in our clinical practice. All this research, without any doubt, help us to provide better care to our patients.

Another remarkable fact is that 7 of our PhD students read their PhD thesis after years of hard work, becoming new “doctors”.  All our PhD students at the time of presenting their thesis have published several manuscripts in high-ranked journals, have presented their work at international meetings, and most of them are the winners of awards we obtain year after year.

Innovation and Research brings together a team close to 100 enthusiastic professionals, including principal investigators, pre- and post-doc researchers, technicians, support, and administration professionals.  They all work hand in hand with clinicians from all the different IVI RMA centers across the world, bringing science from bench to bed, truly translational research.  All these publications, abstracts, awards, and grants are an independent evaluation of their astounding quality of their work.

One additional highlight for 2023 is that we will host again our bi-annual IVI RMA Congress live.  Forget about “Zoom fatigue”: we will be again having live presentations and discussions from 53 international speakers, absolute leaders in their areas.  Among the topics, we will cover human reproduction from different angles: new concepts and management of women with premature ovarian failure to creative protocols for ovarian stimulation, how AI will be impacting our practice, non-invasive ways to identify best embryos or how counselors may help in couples with recurrent implantation failure.   Also keeping an eye into the near future, presentations on synthetic embryo genesis or creating sperm, and even how to repair damaged oocytes will be discussed.  It will be a great occasion as well to catch up with old and new friends and colleagues in the beautiful city of Málaga, a city that enjoys the warm climate of southern Spain in Costa del Sol.  We hope to see you all there!