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Transformative Advances in Infertility Treatment: A Year of Unprecedented Research and Innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of global healthcare, IVIRMA Global stands as an inspiration for progress, dedicated to providing the best possible care and achieving optimal outcomes for patients undergoing infertility treatment. Rooted in an solid commitment to research and innovation, our organization has witnessed remarkable success in 2023. Here we summarize the extraordinary advances made in the past year, highlighting our firm belief that research and innovation are the foundation to improving patient outcomes.

  • Highest Commitment to Research and Innovation:

At the heart of our organization’s philosophy lies a profound belief that continuous research and innovation are imperative for advancing the field of infertility treatment. Recognizing the ever-growing complexity of reproductive medicine, we have embraced the ethos that staying at the forefront of scientific discovery is the only path to ensuring the best possible care for our patients.

  • Prolific Presence in International Scientific Meetings and Publications:

The past year has been a demonstration to our organization’s commitment to sharing knowledge and contributing to the global discourse on infertility treatment. We proudly presented a total of 170 abstracts (57 were oral presentations) at three of the most esteemed international scientific meetings: the Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI), the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). This robust presence highlights our dedication to engaging with the global scientific community.

Simultaneously, our researchers have been prolific in contributing to peer-reviewed journals, with an impressive total of 176 publications in the past year alone. These publications cover a spectrum of topics, from groundbreaking research findings to advancements in clinical practices, reflecting the depth and diversity of our contributions to the field.

Our impact on the scientific community is quantified by the cumulative impact factor of 887.70 across all publications. This metric not only signifies the reach and influence of our research but also speaks to the quality and significance of the contributions made by our dedicated team.

  • Awards and Recognitions:

Our commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by multiple awards and recognitions received in the past year. At ESHRE, our abstracts ranked among the top 5 in both clinical and basic research categories, a testament to the caliber of our contributions. Furthermore, our dedication to presenting impactful research was underscored by the top poster prize awarded at ASRM, reinforcing our organization’s standing as a leader in the field.

  • Innovations in Infertility Treatment:

Our success is intricately woven into the fabric of innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies employed in infertility treatment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool in enhancing diagnostic precision and treatment outcomes. Through the strategic application of AI, we have optimized treatment plans, personalized patient care, and refined predictive models, leading in a new era of precision medicine in reproductive health.

Preimplantation genetics has been another frontier where we have made significant strides. Harnessing the power of genetic insights, our researchers have pioneered advancements in embryo selection, ensuring a higher likelihood of successful implantation and healthier pregnancies.

Technological advancements have also played a pivotal role in our mission to assist women facing challenges such as Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) and Poor Ovarian Response (POR). Through innovative technologies and treatment protocols, we have tailored interventions to address individual patient needs, offering new hope to those who may have previously faced limited options.

  • Large Clinical Studies and Global Collaborations:

Our commitment to advancing infertility treatment extends beyond individual cases to large-scale clinical studies. Leveraging the extensive multinational data repository at our disposal, our researchers have conducted studies of unprecedented scale. These studies not only contribute to the scientific understanding of infertility but also inform evidence-based practices, guiding the future of reproductive medicine.

  • New Members of the IVI RMA Global Research Alliance:

Looking ahead, our optimism for the future is underpinned by the establishment of the IVIRMA Global Research Alliance. This collaborative initiative brings together researchers from around the world, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources. This past year Boston IVF, TRIO and Conceptions have joined our company.  They bring a long history of sound translational research and an extensive list of seminal contributions to the literature. Our future together will make us even stronger in asking the proper questions and designing the adequate studies to solve still ongoing clinical problems and improving our care to patients.

As we reflect on the past year, it is with a sense of pride, gratitude, and anticipation for the journey ahead. Our global medical company’s success in research and innovation is not merely a collection of achievements but a testament to our enduring commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in infertility treatment. With a belief that research is the cornerstone of progress, we stand self-assured at the intersection of science and compassion, dedicated to unlocking new possibilities and delivering hope to individuals and families around the world.


Emre Seli, Scientific Director, IVI RMA USA

Juan Garcia-Velasco, CSO, IVI RMA Global