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Madrid Clinical Research Center

IVI Madrid is located at a 28,740 square foot modern building, and provides extensive resources for clinical and translational research, with the aim of discovering new diagnostic and therapeutic tools to improve the care of our patients.

In addition to a cutting edge IVF laboratory, IVI Madrid has units dedicated to female and male infertility, immunology, and psychology, state-of-the-art clinical biochemistry and andrology laboratories, 11 consultation areas, and an extensive surgical unit with two operating theaters, 10 procedure rooms, an intensive care unit (ICU), and a recovery area.

This confortable environment endows the Madrid Clinical Research Team with the tools to investigate how fertility problems arise, and conduct clinical trials where new treatments are utilized for our patients. With this focus, IVI Madrid has been extremely productive in investigating effective controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COS) strategies that compare and contrast treatment protocols. In addition, the Madrid team completed exciting studies to discover novel biomarkers of endometrial receptivity and embryo viability, and predictors of treatment outcome. At present, several clinical trials are ongoing at IVI Madrid, some of them in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies and some others as internal initiatives, with the ultimate aim of providing the best care for our patients.

The Research Coordinator is Mónica Toribio, who facilitates and coordinates a number of research activities, and will be the main contact person for research within the clinic.

Contact info

Madrid, Spain
Avenida del Talgo, 68 28023 Aravaca Madrid
+34 91 180 29 00

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