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Patricia Diaz Gimeno, Ph.D.

Research group leader in Genomics & Systems Reproductive Medicine
FIVI Valencia
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Dr. Diaz-Gimeno is a full-time researcher at IVI Foundation-IIS la Fe through a type I Miguel Servet contract. In IVI Foundation She leads the Genomic & Systems Reproductive Medicine research group. She is also the Bioinformatics Director of IVI Foundation Research Department. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with a focus on Genetics (2006) with Excellence Award (2007) and Ph.D. in Biomedicine “cum laude” in the Department of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology at University of Valencia School of Medicine (2011).”

Her Ph.D. research was on the transcriptomic signature of endometrial receptivity as a biomarker and its clinical application. She developed further expertise in high throughput technologies (microarrays and next generation sequencing) and their related functional genomics analyses during her post-doctoral training at the Genomics and Bioinformatics department of CIPF (Principe Felipe Research Center) (2011-2013). Since 2013, Dr. Diaz-Gimeno established the Bioinformatics Laboratory at FIVI and worked intensively for the translation of endometrial transcriptomics as a diagnostic method for endometrial evaluation.

As a researcher, her main focus is to apply genomic approaches for precision reproductive medicine in ARTs and to understand the molecular basis of human infertility using functional genomics approaches from a systems biology perspective. Dr. Diaz-Gimeno has worked intensively for the implantation failure patient stratification using transcriptomics predictors and for understanding the molecular basis of the menstrual cycle and comorbidities of endometrial subfertility.

Dr. Diaz-Gimeno authored or co-authored seventeen original articles published in high impact international journals in the field of reproduction (Fertil & Steril, Hum Reprod, PLos One, JCEM, etc.). She also wrote 5 book chapters on transcriptomics of endometrial factor, and had more than 20 presentations at scientific meetings.

Dr. Diaz-Gimeno has been involved in teaching since her early career, participating as a Faculty in postgraduate courses since 2007. Currently, she is the coordinator of the “genomic reproductive medicine” course in the Master’s Program in Biotechnology of Assisted Human Reproduction at ADEIT (University of Valencia). She is also teaching in the Master’s Degree in Genetic & Genomic Medicine (Rey Juan Carlos University) and the Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics (University of Valencia) programs, and is supervising M.Sc. projects and Ph.D. theses.

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B.Sc. University of Valencia, Valencia Spain (2006)
Predoctoral Stay NIRRH Molecular and Cellular reproductive biology, Bombay, India (2010)
Ph.D University of Valencia, Valencia Spain (2011)
Postdoctoral training CIPF Genomics & Bioinformatics department, Valencia, Spain (2013)
Postdoctoral Stay Nuffield department of women´s health, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) & Genetics. Oxford University (2019)



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