Antonio Pellicer , M.D., Ph.D.


Antonio Pellicer obtained his Medical Degree from the University of Valencia in 1978, his PhD from the same university in 1980 and he his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University Clinical Hospital in Valencia, and the sub specialization in Reproductive Medicine at Yale University and the University of Mainz, Germany.

Antonio Pellicer has been Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology since 1999 and Dean of the University of Valencia School of Medicine, Spain from 2006 until 2012. He is also Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at ‘La Fe University Hospital’, Valencia, since 2009.

After obtaining his M.D. degree from the University of Valencia and establishing a distinguished academic career, Professor Pellicer founded the ‘Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad’ (‘IVI’) in 1990, and his work in the field of fertility has led to the creation of many ‘IVI’ clinics both in Spain and internationally. In 2017, IVI merged with RMANJ (Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey), and a new company called IVI RMA Global was born. Dr. Pellicer is also President of the ‘IVI Foundation’ for the Study of Reproduction and Director of ‘Equipo IVI’.

Professor Pellicer has authored over 320 textbook chapters and more than 840 journal articles in national and international journals, and presented over 530 lectures and over 1430 communications in a congresses. He has been Co-Editor in Chief for the journal ‘Fertility and Sterility’ since 2011.

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M.D. with Extraordinary Prize University of Valencia School of Medicine (1978)
Ph.D University of Valencia (1980)
Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Clínico Universitario, Valencia (1983)
Fellowship in Infertility Surgery Mainz Medical School, Germany (Uni-Frauenklinik) (1982)
Staff member- Director of Infertility Unit University of Valencia School of Medicine (1984-1993)
Fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (Fulbright Scholarship) Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Yale University School Medicine, USA (1985-1987)
Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology University of Valencia School of Medicine (1986-1999)
Distinguished (Full) Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology University of Valencia School of Medicine (1999)
Dean, School of Medicine University of Valencia (2006-2012)
Honorary Degree Politechnic University of Valencia (2011)

Honores y reconocimientos

ASRM Star Award 2020
ASRM Star Award 2019
"Josep Maria Dexeus Medal" for his trajectory in the reproductive field, in the 43rd Edition of Forum International Dexeus, Barcelona, ​​Spain 2016
The IVI Spain is appointed Ambassador Honorary of the Spain Marca in the category of Science and Innovation, Madrid, Spain 2015
“Jacques Salat-Baroux” Award from the Academy National of Medicine of France, París, France 2014
Pro Academy Prize in Recognition of Efforts in Science and Academic Life, for The Round Table Foundation of Valencia 2013
Honorary Doctorate Degree by the Politechnic University of Valencia 2011
Lilly Foundation Prize 2008
Rotary Prize 2007
Gold Medal of the City of Valencia 2006
Gold Medal of the Royal College of Physicians in Valencia 2006
King Jaime I Prize in Clinical Medicine from the ‘King Jaime I Foundation’ 2004
XXV Society for Gynecological Investigation President’s Award in 2002 and 2009
Annual Meeting Prize Paper for the ‘American Society for Reproductive Medicine’ eight times between 1987 and 2016


25 selected publications from the past 5 years

  • Leucine-rich repeat-containing G-protein-coupled receptor 5-positive cells in the endometrial stem cell niche.
    Cervelló I, Gil-Sanchis C, Santamaría X, Faus A, Vallvé-Juanico J, Díaz-Gimeno P, Genolet O, Pellicer A, Simón C.
    Fertil Steril, 107 (2): 510-519.e3, 2017.

  • One for all or all for one? The evolution of embryo morphokinetics.
    Meseguer M, Pellicer A.
    Fertil Steril, 107 (3): 571-572, 2017.

  • The most well kept secret, embryo culture media: a smart reveal from an expert.
    Meseguer M, Pellicer A.
    Fertil Steril, 107(4): 910, 2017.

  • In vitro fertilization with preimplantation genetic diagnosis for aneuploidies in advanced maternal age: a randomized, controlled study.
    Rubio C, Bellver J, Rodrigo L, Castillón G, Guillén A, Vidal C, Giles J, Ferrando M, Cabanillas S, Remohí J, Pellicer A, Simón C.
    Fertil Steril, 107 (5): 1122-1129, 2017.

  • Update on fertility preservation from the Barcelona International Society for Fertility Preservation-ESHRE-ASRM 2015 expert meeting: indications, results and future perspectives.
    Martínez F, International Society for Fertility Preservation-ESHRE-ASRM Expert Working Group (Pellicer A y 18 colaboradores).
    Fertil Steril, 108 (3): 407-415.e11, 2017.

  • What else can we do? The latest attempt to improve the sperm´s path.
    Meseguer M, Pellicer A.
    Fertil Steril, 108 (3): 444-445, 2017

  • Window of implantation transcriptomic stratification reveals different endometrial subsignatures associated with live birth and biochemical pregnancy.
    Díaz-Gimeno P, Ruiz-Alonso M, Sebastian-Leon P, Pellicer A, Valbuena D, Simón C.
    Fertil Steril, 108 (4): 703-710, 2017.

  • Autologous cell therapy with CD133+ bone marrow-derived stem cells for retractory Asherman´s syndrome and endometrial atrophy: a pilot cohort study.
    Santamaria X, Cabanillas S, Cervelló I, Arbona C, Raga F, Ferro J, Palmero J, Remohí J, Pellicer A, Simón C.
    Hum Reprod, 31 (5): 1087-1096, 2016.

  • Study of nucleation status in the second cell cycle of human embryo and its impact on implantation rate.
    Aguilar J, Rubio I, Muñoz E, Pellicer A, Meseguer M.
    Fertil Steril, 106 (2): 291-299.e2, 2016.

  • Disclosure in scientific meetings: should we take any steps further?
    Pellicer A, Zupi E.
    Fertil Steril, 106 (5): 1032, 2016.

  • Pathophysiologic processes have an impact ot the plasma metabolomics signature of endometriosis patients.
    Vicente-Muñoz S, Morcillo I, Puchades-Carrasco L, Payá V, Pellicer A, Pineda-Lucena A.
    Fertil Steril, 106 (7): 1733-1741. E1, 2016.

  • Human spermatogonial stem cells display limited proliferation in vitro under mouse spermatogonial stem cell culture conditions.
    Medrano JV, Rombaut C, Simón C, Pellicer A, Goossens E.
    Fertil Steril, 106 (6): 1539-1549.e8, 2016.

  • ART and uterine pathology: how relevant is the maternal side for implantation?
    Galliano D, Bellver J, Díaz-García C, Simón C, Pellicer A.
    Hum Reprod Update, 21 (1): 13-38, 2015.

  • Ovarian transplantation: to activate or not to activate.
    Kawamura K, Cheng Y, Sun YP, Zhai J, Diaz-Garcia C, Simón C, Pellicer A, Hsueh AJ.
    Hum Reprod, 30 (11): 2457-2460, 2015.

  • What a difference two days make: “personalized” embryo transfer (pET) paradigm: A case report and pilot study.
    Ruiz-Alonso M, Galindo N, Pellicer A, Simón C.
    Hum Reprod, 29 (6): 1244-1247, 2014.

  • The impact of using the combined oral contraceptive pill for cycle scheduling on gene expression related to endometrial receptivity.
    Bermejo A, Iglesias C, Ruiz-Alonso M, Blesa D, Simón C, Pellicer A, García-Velasco JA.
    Hum Reprod, 29 (6): 1271-1278, 2014.

  • Improving the Reporting of Clinical Trial of Infertility Treatments (IMPRINT): modifying the CONSORT statement.
    Harbin Consensus Conference Workshop Group, Conference Chairs, Legro RS, Wu X, Scientific Committee: Barnhart KT, Farquhar C, Fauser BC, Mol B, Harbin Consensus Conferences Workshop Group (Pellicer A).
    Hum Reprod, 29 (10): 2075-2082, 2014.

  • Impact of ovarian stimulation with gonadotrophins on embryo aneuploidy.
    Labarta E, Bosch E, Pellicer A.
    Hum Reprod Update, 20 (6): 294, 2014.

  • Increased doses of vaginal progesterone for the prevention of preterm birth in twin pregnancies: a randomized controlled double-blind multicentre trial.
    Serra V, Perales, Meseguer J, Parrilla J, Lara C, Bellver J, Grifol R, Alcober I, Sala M, Martinez-Escoriza J, Pellicer A.
    BJOG, 120 (1): 50-57, 2013.

  • The follicular hormonal profile in low-responder patients undergoing unstimulated cycles: is it hypoandrogenic?
    De los Santos MJ, García-Laez V, Beltrán D, Labarta E, Zuzuarregui JL, Alamá P, Gámiz P, Crespo J, Bosch E, Pellicer A.
    Hum Reprod, 28 (1): 224-229, 2013.

  • Failures (with some successes) of assisted reproduction and gamete donation programs.
    ESHRE Capri Workshop Group (Pellicer A).
    Hum Reprod Update, 19 (4): 354-365, 2013.

  • Hormonal and molecular characterization of folicular fluid, cumulus cells and oocytes from pre-ovulatory follicles in stimulated and unstimulated cycles.
    De los Santos MJ, García-Laez V, Beltrán-Torregrosa D, Horcajadas JA, Martínez-Conejero JA, Esteban FJ, Pellicer A, Labarta E.
    Hum Reprod, 27 (6): 1596-1605, 2012.

  • Efficiency and purity provided by the existing methods for the isolation of luteinized granulose cells: a comparative study.
    Ferrero H, Delgado-Rosas F, García-Pascual CM, Monterde M, Zimmermann RC, Simón C, Pellicer A, Gómez R.
    Hum Reprod, 27 (6): 1781-1789, 2012

  • Sildenafil citrate improves perinatal outcome in fetuses from pre.eclamptic rats.
    Herraiz S, Pellicer B, Serra V, Cauli O, Cortijo J, Felipo V, Pellicer A.
    BJOG, 119 (11): 1394-1402, 2012

  • Hepatitis B virus in human oocytes and embryos.
    Garrido N, Bellver J, Rubio C, Pellicer A.
    Hum Reprod, 27 (4): 1227-1228, 2012.

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